Discover beauty in simplicity. Within the theme GROOVY // GROVE we will work to create that beauty ourselves. All this with a nod to the 70s, which we like to bring back to life to give it a modern twist.


Through a web of colorful formations, intricate patterns and long lines, we redefine the 70s groove as a refined whole. 

It’s best to choose a neutral background and use matte and pastel colors, wood tones and gold colors for your accessories. 


The leading colors include various shades of burnt orange, sunset red,mustard-yellow, olive greens, and a touch of lavender. 

Get creative with a mix of flowers and indoor and outdoor plants, or opt for a dried composition. Authenticity and rawness should be recurring elements.

Even the low creations within this theme can draw full attention to themselves, such as this round dry bouquet with red, green, yellow and orange hues.


Cushions in striking colors topped with a pattern of ferns, for example, are ideal companions for showcasing new creations.

An interplay of colorful flowers and plants tower high above their surroundings. The use of complex vases combined with flowers in bold colors creates a sophisticated accent without compromising the concept of simplicity.

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