As the last of our five spring themes, we are proud to introduce AVANT // GARDE(N), our most raw and wild theme.

Enter this magical garden of wonder. This is one for out-of-the-box concepts and lovers of chaotic creations. The concept is “natural and wild” with green and wood as base colors, subtly supported by peach and yellow tones.


Both flowers and indoor and outdoor plants come together in a bold way in this delightful muddle. Bright, tropical colors are avoided as much as possible here in order to focus all attention on the greenery.

As a mindset for AVANT // GARDE(N), imagine yourself in a green, wooded mountain valley on pre-summer spring day. By using copper and gold accessories, we stay true to the neutral and natural look without detracting from the beauty of the whole.

A rough and raw theme, perfect for getting ideas for Father’s Day creations.

A circular arch of dried plants is colored by a composition of lightly hued feathers in a stitching of greenery.


Extravagant opulence takes hold of the space. A series of different ornate pots with unique accents are the perfect starting point for letting your creativity run wild.

A neutral, charcoal gray background creates the ideal atmosphere to give the flowers and plants a vibrant look.

Orchids make a beautiful floral portrait.


Stay true to nature and keep the use of bright colors to a minimum.

A chorus of Lily of the Valley let their delicate tones echo from the deep blue sea.

In addition to accessories in gold and copper colors, you can also opt to apply silver accents to the creations.


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