Creativity in a colorless world, beauty in a neutral world…this is ACHROMATIC //AMOUR.

Imagine a summer beach walk along the coastline, next to the dunes, or through a remote wheat field in the south of France, where the raw and achromatic colors of the landscape prevail.

Much like the endless wheat field and long coastlines, continue to elongate the forms of products yet with simplicity in formation of long dried bouquets and plants.

As for accessories, matte glass vases or white pots are a perfect choice. Experiment with abstract shapes and organic lines, both in the bouquets and in the accessories.


ACHROMATIC //AMOUR is a classy theme brimming with monotone and muted color combinations that shine in their simplicity.

We use a lot of dried products and bring them to life with fresh flowers. 

The rawness of this concept lies in the taupe and beige colors that dominate here. 


We avoid bright and tropical colors but focus on wood and earthy tones. They are assisted by the accent colors orange and peach yellow. Green plays a guest role, and its use should be limited.

Large white lilies open to the warmth of summer sun and next to their presence are coral carnations.

Indulge your creativity with fabrics such as crochet and macramé. Timeless class with a clean, natural look.

Achromatic style challenges in terms of colors yet frees the mind to explore creativity in terms of products, shapes, and textures.

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