We settle down on a bed of luscious grass with a magical refreshing sorbet, surrounded by pastel colors and in the beauty of disproportions.


All sizes and shapes are spread around our set with irregular sizes of creations socializing next to one another. Welcome to SUMMER //SORBET!


Time to create a sense of summer freshness with cool, calming colors.

Fresh flowers, dried flowers or a combination: everything is possible. 

Opt for berries around wreaths, ribbons gently hugging peonies and roses, and gratify in the charm of floral desserts. 

Think of shades of soft yellow, orange and pink coming together on a feast of summer flowers at a picnic. We limit the colors of green, blue and purple to shine the light on our rosy colors. 

For floral creations, our stylists translate sorbets full of dazzling fruits into freeze-dried flowers to preserve their beauty for a moment. 

We avoid harsh lines in our design but rather focus on subtlety for a youthful look.

This is a feminine theme with a nod to Lady Dior: sophisticated and elegant with a dash of sweetness and indulgence. 


As a supporting color we choose silver instead of gold.

Refresh for summer with SUMMER // SORBET.


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