Discover a variety of blooming art full of flavor and spice. Let your imagination follow the transition from spring to summer in a new inspirational lookbook accompanied by the scent of fresh and bright florals.

Enjoy the sweet summer taste of 2022 with BLOOM WITH // ZEST.


Flavorful, bold colors of orange burst through like bright sunlight for this new season. Bright clear pink and orange hues take center stage with greens as support.

Take a bite and taste the zest of oranges and lemons, bursting with freshness.

Falling and ascending lines interchange in surprising compositions while mixing bright and nourishing hues of color together.

Modern design is a compromise between natural and chaotic shapes, creating wide arrangements full of spice.

Let stems and roots show their natural glow while creating height levels. Tie together with a palette of classics and neutrals to convey a message of timeless sophistication.

Create your own summer paradise by adding accessories reminding of cultures far away. Combine bold florals with serene pots, vases and baskets in contrasting colors.

Stay in style and take a bite of summer with BLOOM WITH // ZEST.


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