This theme is all about showcasing the harmony of classic colors and design with contemporary style.

Arising from design concepts based on 19th century paintings and vintage golden frames with interior designs of the 20th century. 

A delicate balance is required to achieve the complete theme here as minimal, modern design intersects with traditional design methods. 

Construction consists of a diverse mix of creations using both freeze-dried, dried plants and flowers along with fresh house-plants with fresh cut-flowers. Creations and bouquets can be both minimal and maximal. 

Contemporary // Classics

Classical and contemporary design coincide via colors and styling. Rustic, nostalgic design mixed with modern colors. Opt for strong teal and cool dark green and combine with contemporary design colors of softer greens.

This design trend is prominent most in interior design and architecture. Greens are here to stay into 2021 as many modern interiors convert from all white and taupe to more green spaces. 

Blushed anthuriums sing in harmony across various bouquets, some encapsulated in rustic vases with voluminous leaves and others in tall glass vases next to rose-gold accessories.

Supporting colors complement the greens in subtle ways, appearing in feminine colors of lemony-yellow, salmon and peach.

Opt for accessories in gold and copper, avoid silver here. Graphic patterns in tiles next to floral prints can provide beautiful structural lines to the creations; secondarily, backgrounds of wood and stone yield rustic feeling.

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