Wishing you a very MERRY // MARIGOLD this winter, the Agora team brings you the brightest and lightest color trending in interior accessories and runway this season to your flower shops. 

Transitioning from cooler tones of winter greens, move into a warm interior of a house with a table full of delicacies. A family feast of Agora products shine across the table in MERRY // MARIGOLD. Decorate your table setting with a special touch of dried flowers on a bed of copper plates which lays in comfort under a wooden vessel. 

Let the subtle winter sunlight shine onto your table as the thin beams of lights seep between the creations of plants and flowers, brightening your interior and display rooms. 

Present a house of wonder and warmth with plants and flowers in a perfect harmony. 

Furnish bouquets and creations with accessories in copper, teal, and even green and blue. 

Avoid light lime colors or strong oranges.

As we break the icy winter and traditional mold of winter, we brighten our decorations with glistening orchids, fresh plants, and dried plants and flowers with a golden undertone. 

Play with wood, wreaths, and dried flowers. For fresh flowers, opt for rounded shapes to balance the long stems of dried flowers. 

Create a luminous effect with fresh dahlias of gold, mustard-yellow, pink and peach colors. Add complementary cut-flowers such as roses and dazzling Gerberas. 

Set next to fresh plants and cut flowers, friendly bouquets of dried plants with feathers swoop in to accompany their party guests. 

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