Get stylish in silver this winter season. 

As the cold, frozen winter peaks, we’re creating a wonderland of subtlety and sophistication. 

It’s time to sparkle. 

Dusted in silver sparkles, white Azalea graces the interior. Next to her humble presence, a collection striking bouquets line up one by one. 

For a sophisticated touch, create a short, round bouquet with white zantedeschias and Brassica, wrapped in silver pearls encompassed in a classic vase. 

Silver lining in this theme: dramatized poinsettias with blooming white amaryllis. The combination of bouquets reflect the innocence of white. 

Crystal clear: silver and the shiny effect of silver is the core and main focus. Bring this out via accessories and grey background. Incorporate colors such as neon purple, fuchsia, teal, dark green, arctic icy blue to yield an icy vibe. Using these colors for bouquets and plants will translate the modern and futuristic design. Avoid any gold coloring or any warm tones.

Shapes can be both strong lines of geometric shapes or also soft flowy lines (think of wavy rather than round). 

Mirror reflections are at play in this theme. From actual glass and mirror plates supporting vases as plates to sparkling glitters dusted across bouquets and creations to emulate the mirror-effect. 

Such effects are added as accent points to our accessories to metaphorically reflect on the past year, and silver shimmers repeat across plants and flowers as we move forward to 2021. 

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