Garden plants for 2017 announced’s ‘Garden Plant of the Month’ campaign will continue in 2017, shining a light on different garden plants every month. This provides the press and consumers with newsworthy inspiration about garden plants, showing consumers that they can feel better with plants around them and encouraging them to buy more. The Garden Plant of the Month offers the trade and sales outlets a programme to link up with throughout the year.

How is the agenda compiled?
The list of plants has been produced in collaboration with the product specialists at Royal FloraHolland. In making the selection, particular attention is paid to what garden plants are of interest to consumers/media at what time, and whether they are sufficiently in keeping with the zeitgeist. By focusing on a few groups of plants, it’s possible to put more than twelve garden plants in the spotlight. As in 2016, the garden plants will be photographed in line with the horticulture sector style trends.

Timely response
The list is being published now in order to give the various sales channels and producers enough time to plan ahead, and to encourage them to develop their own sales promotions in order to fully benefit from all the attention.

The Garden Plants of the Month for 2017

  1. January Winter heather (Erica)
  2. February Potted spring bulbs (hyacinth, daffodil, grape hyacinth)
  3. March Citrus trees (Citrofortunella)
  4. April Clematis
  5. May Mandevilla
  6. June Summer-flowering perennials (Echinacaea, Phlox paniculata, Delphinium)
  7. July Potted summer bulbs (Zantedeschia, Lelie en Ornithogalum)
  8. August Gentian (Gentiana)
  9. September Cushion chrysanthemum
  10. October Viola
  11. November Osmanthus
  12. December Festive plants (Buxus, Chamaecyparis en Laurus nobilis)