Trends and tips

The cheerful colours and fresh look make the gerbera a fabulous flower for April. Whether an arrangement requires soft pastels or bright primary colours, gerberas can provide it. With excellent quality, because the constant development of this popular cut flower has removed the need for wires. Gerberas keep looking good for between 10 and 20 days nowadays, and the ease of use - no foliage, smooth ...Read more
The story of the begonia The flowering begonia has full, plump flowers in cheerful colours such as red, pink, orange, white and yellow. The enthusiasm with which the plant blooms means in practice that you can hardly see the plant for the flowers. Foliage begonias have their own distinctive beauty in the form of velvet leaves that are beautifully marked with silver, pink, burgundy and green ...Read more
The story behind the Colour Festival Big flowers, small flowers. Climbing, hanging and creeping. For use in beds, in pots and containers, and in hanging baskets. The Colour Festival brings spring to your garden, patio or balcony in a flash. Begonia, Verbana, Gazania and Bougainvillea are all rich bloomers in different forms, so that they bring instant visual delight and experience to your garden ...Read more
Qualities such as fabulous green foliage and a stately appearance combined with a compact shape make bay laurel (scientific name: Laurus nobilis) a great addition to any balcony. Bay laurel blooms with white flowers which appear as umbels in the leaf axils and later become oval berries. The plant remains green all through the year with oval leaves that feature a light vein, that looks like a ...Read more
The story of the lily The lily (Lilium) is a real feature in the home thanks to its beautifully coloured flowers that sometimes also have an exquisite fragrance. The potted lily is characterised by the long buds on the stem and the leaf that grows along the whole stem. The choice of colours with potted lilies is extensive: from red, yellow, orange and pink through to bi-coloured cultivars and ...Read more
The story behind Blossom Trees First fabulous blossoms, then a full crown of leaves, and finally fruit in summer and autumn - fruit trees offer it all. The apple tree (Malus), peach tree (Prunus persica) and plum tree (Prunus domestica) all fit perfectly with consumers’ growing desire to know where their food comes from and the ongoing enthusiasm for pick-your-own food plants. It is also ...Read more
Elegant flowers with three hanging and three upright petals make the iris one of the most eye-catching spring flowers. There’s something regal about them, because the fleur-de-lis symbol is derived from the iris. At the same time they have a natural look, as if they could be growing amongst the reeds. Perfect for the style trend that is all about pure products with strong lines, the iris is ...Read more
Ferns and their story From bushy to stylised, and from dark green to silvery grey-green: ferns come in many forms with leaves that can also vary considerably. One has curls, the other more feather-like, and a third has no frills at all. Together they form an attractive group of green plants that fit with the growing interest in botanical elements and collections in the home. As a bonus, ferns ...Read more
The story behind the Spring Surprises Spring Surprises like hazel (Corylus avellana Concorta'), rock cress (Arabis), primula (Primula aucalis) and Aubrieta are perfect for those who can’t wait to bring their garden to life. Not only do they bloom early, but the latter two provide a second round of flowering later in the year. And hazel offers an attractive green backdrop that changes colour in ...Read more
As the undisputed number 1 amongst the cut flowers, roses provide colour, scent and beauty indoors in the month when nature is still only hesitantly getting started. This Valentine’s essential is a real stunner, available in many colours and shapes from a spray rose to a solo star. With new varieties being added every year to enhance arrangements and bouquets. Origin The rose is a member of the ...Read more