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The story of Calathea Calathea is characterised by the fabulous markings on the leaves and the rich choice of leaf shapes, from round and oval to spear-shaped. Those leaves not only have air-purifying properties, but also join in your daily routine thanks to their day and night rhythm. There is a kind of joint between the leaf and the stem that allows movement. When it gets dark the leaves close ...Read more
Looking for some cheer in the dark days before Christmas? Red classics like holly, Skimmia and Leucothoe provide colour and excitement in the garden. In the short days before December the garden is gradually settling into its hibernation. By adding Red Garden Plants there will still be plenty to see and experience when you look outside. Holly (Ilex), Skimmia and Leucothoe offer flowers, berries ...Read more
Expressive branches, colourful berries: enjoy the fruit of the summer with berries as a feature in autumn bouquets and arrangements. Growing in the spring and blooming in the summer - that’s not all that skimmia, rosehips and holly have to offer. The formation of berries gives them a totally different appearance in the autumn and fresh value in floral work. That fits perfectly with the ongoing ...Read more
Normal life begins again from most people in September, and they spend more time at home. That’s a good incentive to brighten up the garden a bit. Most of the plants will be past their peak, but trumpet vine, spindle tree, Japanese andromeda, beautyberry and smoke tree can all bring new life to both the garden and the patio. With their eye-catching shapes and fabulous colours they represent an ...Read more
Thanks to all the positive responses and success from the previous lookbook, we're sharing a full and extended version of our summer creations. We're excited to share with you this season's latest trends with inspiring pieces through our seven themes. Discover the most beautiful summer creations and helpful tips on how you can recreate some of this summer's best pieces! Download and pick up your ...Read more
The story behind Bee Friends A green garden is not just a joy to look at, walk through and relax in; it’s also a paradise for bumblebees, honeybees, butterflies and other useful insects. A flowering garden is a sweet shop for them, particularly in view of the fact that intensive agriculture and increasingly paved gardens mean that they are struggling to find food. This is threatening these useful ...Read more
The story of the Monstera For a plant, Monstera has a lot to offer: stems, sometimes a moss pole, a trunk, usually impressive aerial roots - there’s plenty to see. That has made it an enormous hit on Instagram and a very popular element for creating the popular urban jungle look, amongst other things. The most fascinating aspect is that the young leaves are heart-shaped and only develop the ...Read more
Radiant colours and appealing shapes: sunflower (Helianthus), feverfew (Tanacetum) and statice (Limonium bunatum) make up a versatile trio that provide exciting bouquets in terms of volume and shape and are also very suitable for airy rustic bouquets. The three of them are on the Flower Agenda because they represent sunshine, blooming fields and the sea: three things that are very much associated ...Read more
The story of the Sunflower The Sunflower (Helianthus) doesn’t grow as tall as the garden variety, but it does offer those unique cheerful bright yellow flowers and the dark heart of a real sunflower with attractive dark green leaves below the flowers. A perfect companion for on the kitchen worktop, the (garden) table, an office, or any room that could do with a touch of summer. Place a couple ...Read more
The story behind honeysuckle ​ Climbing and trailing plants are very popular, because they grow upwards and therefore do not take up much space even in smaller gardens. Honeysuckle (scientific name: Lonicera) is one of them. The plant has the botanical, natural look that is so popular right now, complete with exuberant flowering on a relatively modest size area, with the ability to climb upwards ...Read more