Peony is in the May Flower Agenda

No flower so fittingly illustrates the blooming strength of May as the peony. The buds are balls of compressed energy that - when the time comes - open very quickly and smell beautiful. The single-flowered peonies then display a fabulous heart, whilst the double-flowered varieties produce a cheerful full mophead of soft petals. They can have a diameter of 15-18cm, and are particularly offered in white, various shades of pink and claret. They flower in May and June, and offer a romantic taste of the summer to come.

The peony originates from China and arrived in Europe around 1785. They are in their own family (Paeonia) with just one genus: the peony.

The range of peonies is large, and there are hundreds of cultivars. Alongside white, pink and claret they also come in lilac, salmon pink, pale yellow and red. The flower shape can vary between double-flowered, single-flowered and anemone-flowered. Many peonies have a very strong sweet scent which makes the flowers even more appealing. The transformation from a bud which is some 3cm across into a flower with a diameter of over 15cm is always spectacular. 

Care tips for customers

  • Use clean vases, and add cut flower food to the water
  • Use a sharp knife to cut 3-5cm off the stem; remove the leaves that will be under water.
  • If the buds are very sticky because of the nectar, gently pour tepid water over them. This will dissolve it so that the flowers can open beautifully. 
  • Do not place peonies in a draught, in the sun, near a heater or near fruit.