Mother’s Day Antwerp

August 15 is Mother’s Day in Antwerp, the perfect day to put your dearest mom in the spotlight.
In this summer season, we celebrate our mother figures who are the sunshine in our lives.

Is there a better way to thank the most important people in your life than with flowers? Beautifully colored, untamed bouquets are sure to put a bright smile on her face!
Yellow hues exude warmth and optimism, something we are only too happy to give back to our moms.

Use untamed, bright colors that show the unmatched strength your mom exudes with a good dose of elegance. Mothers are such strong figures, let’s take a moment to reflect on that!

Perfection is often overrated. Here and there a leaf may be crooked and not everything has to be perfect. Just like the love of our mothers: it is unconditional! You can thank her for that with a summery and playful bouquet, just like a party where flowers in sorbet colors come together.

Moederdag Antwerpen Agora

Mothers have a unique talent of creating order out of chaos. Creations of plants and flowers in lime green displayed in a glass jar exude the necessary calm.
The color lime green also provides a relaxed and fresh feeling.
A bouquet with a natural and authentic look will certainly be appreciated by the moms!

Beautiful collections of flowers in sorbet shades are just like mothers: special, elegant and sweet.
We want to give them only the best, because they deserve it!

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