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Colours and shapes of gerbera
Colour followed by even more colour; that is what the gerbera offers you! The basic colours of gerbera are white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. The flower may also consist of two colours, multiple colours or a range of colours derived from the basic colours. The beautiful centre of this flower can be black or green. To summarise: there is plenty of choice of colour. The shape is downright cheerful. Have you noticed that when a child draws a flower, it is in the shape of the gerbera?

Flowers, plants, accessories


Wholesaler for daily fresh flowers, domestic and exotic flowers and plants, arranged by colour and size.


Our Cash & Carries have a very wide and up-to-date selection of beautiful green and flowering plants, for both terraces and gardens.


We supply the latest trends in glassware, baskets, ceramics and decorative products as well as the basic materials you require.

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Looking for a nice way of saying thank you? On the third Thursday of April we pay special attention to great or indispensable coworkers. We express our appreciation with flowers and the slogan “flowers or plants, a nice way of saying thank you!”. Everyone has a coworkers that goes that extra mile,...
Think-Pink goes green! “Spring 2015” product range As of this year Agora will be permanently supporting the Think-Pink breast cancer campaign. In previous years Agora was already able to rely on the support of many florists and garden centres for selling the Think-Pink Amaryllis. Unfortunately...
Tuesday, 14 April, 2015 (All day)
Tuesday, 17 March, 2015 (All day)