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In September 2015, there are a number of plants which are Houseplant of the month, which are the Carnivorous plants. 

The story of Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants lure creatures, mainly insects, to slowly catch and digest. The different carnivorous plants lure their prey into the traps in their own particular way. There are plants with pitcher (cup) traps, snap traps, sticky traps, bladder (suction) traps and lobster-pot traps. There are 630 different types of Carnivorous plants which come from five...Read more

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Wholesaler for daily fresh flowers, domestic and exotic flowers and plants, arranged by colour and size.


Our Cash & Carries have a very wide and up-to-date selection of beautiful green and flowering plants, for both terraces and gardens.


We supply the latest trends in glassware, baskets, ceramics and decorative products as well as the basic materials you require.

News and events

The successful ‘Houseplant of the Month’ campaign will continue in 2016. This campaign shows off the wide and deep range of houseplants from the Netherlands. It also enables us to provide the press and consumers with news about plants...Read more
On 28 May 2015, the Flower Council of Holland launched a unique and innovative online magazine at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The famous passage under the Rijksmuseum a concept of ​​The Gardeners, transformed into a real Green Gallery that...Read more
Dynamic city festival 22 April through 1 May 2016 In the spring of 2016, Ghent will be a new, dynamic and interactive city festival richer with the Ghent Floralies. The Arts Quarter - the Citadel Park, Saint Peter’s Square, the Leopold...Read more
Looking for a nice way of saying thank you? On the third Thursday of April we pay special attention to great or indispensable coworkers. We express our appreciation with flowers and the slogan “flowers or plants, a nice way of saying thank...Read more
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