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Art of Agora

Embark on the most beautiful journey imaginable with Art of Agora: discover the process of floral artistry from a small but powerful seed, to petals to the transformation of art creating love and happiness all around.

Lookbook – Autumn 2022

Autumn 2022 of Agora: the cooling-off season

Slowly the warm summer evenings are cooling down again and we look back longingly to that wonderful tropical vacation ambience. From a sultry sunset we switch again to a refreshing sunrise with warm autumn colors.
Get ready for a varied color palette full of neutral and warm tones that will turn the transition to autumn and all the new trends into a breeze. Each month we share a new theme with you to show you what this season has in store!

Hope to see you soon,

Your Agora team.



Cool down as we softly transition from a sultry summer sunset into a crisp autumn sunrise. Relax in the mellow atmosphere of beautiful meadows and the sweet outdoors. Notice the rich scents, full-flavored of fruity aromas, that fill the bright-colored air.

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Coming soon…

Come back later to discover this theme!

Trends & news

Father's Day

All your plants for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner and we have some exciting gifts. Agora has the best assortment of plants for Father’s Day to celebrate the Art of Dad.

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Lily of the valley by Agora

Lily of the valley is a popular flowering plant with sophisticated little bell-shaped flowers that spread the sweetest scent. These refined blooms can be enjoyed to the full during May and June.

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Agora Easter

Celebrate easter with Agora

The Easter bells are ringing again! So it’s time to get inspired by the most magnificent trends to shape your festive creations and decorations.

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