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Lookbook – Spring 2023

Agora’s 2023 spring season: Let your creative side blossom

Out with the long, cold nights; in with the bright and sunny days. Spring is always a season to enjoy. After a short winter sleep, nature slowly bounces back to its full potential. Imagine yourself walking through an open field while those first welcoming rays of spring sunshine reach your body. A warm breeze breaks the ice, while making the first steps to evolve into early spring.
We captured that joyful feeling in our 2023 spring lookbooks. Cold and stand-alone pastel colors carry the load of our first theme and are alternated with subtle yet sophisticated color mixtures. As always, we’ve been very creative in our designs and want to share with you the trends that are coming up. Just like the ‘Art of Agora’ reflects what we stand for as a company, our lookbooks reflect the creativity we portray each time the season changes. We’re very much looking forward to keep inspiring you with our lush and innovative creations, composed with the best quality products and service.

The Agora family



As the world awakens from its winter slumber, the days get warmer and brighter. Air filled with sweet scents of blooming flowers lets us know it’s time to shed the heavy coats of winter!

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Make an artistic statement this spring with color and frivolous accessories! Incorporate the vibrant hues of this lookbook into your blooming floral and plant creations that symbolize Easter.

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Coming soon…

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Trends & news


Easter fun at Agora!

Agora’s Easter assortment is filled with beautiful flowers, plants and accessories. Buy and assemble the most beautiful party decorations that will effortlessly immerse any decor or party table in a blissful Easter atmosphere.

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Valentine’s day 2023

Love is celebrating, because Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Agora is ready to help you prepare to create the most beautiful compositions on this day of love.

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The Art of Christmas: spread warmth and love this winter

We hear the jingle bells and envision reindeer frolicking through a field of fresh pine trees, beautifully ornamented Christmas wreaths and dazzling pots, vases and other accessories that bring the holiday spirit to our families.

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