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Lookbook – Spring 2024

Spring 2024 at Agora: let yourself be carried away by these dreamy trends

As we leave behind the last traces of winter, we embrace the refreshing energy that spring brings. This season brings blooms and renewal, so this lookbook reveals the industry’s most magnificent trends of 2024 in flowers, plants and accessories. Be enchanted by a wealth of colours, textures and inspiring designs that capture the feeling of spring. Let us help you to capitalise on the moments that matter this spring and make your business flourish.

This spring’s lookbooks are all about cheerful colours, but soft shades too. They feature accessories with organic textures as well as flowing, coloured vases in glass. This season, we will help you to choose the best products for your business to continue to inspire your creativity. Our Cash & Carries have all you need to translate nature’s burgeoning splendour into your own products, so that you can offer your customers the very best. Let yourself be carried away by this spring’s dreamy colours and designs!


Peach // Perfect

Take your first steps into the spring season drenched in dreamy colours. We lift the curtain on the first spring lookbook, Peach // Perfect: an ethereal landscape full of fresh spring flowers and plants with accessories and dried elements. As we enjoy the first gentle rays of sunshine, we invite you to shed your winter layers and immerse yourself in the blooming splendour of spring.

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Dream of spring with this new lookbook, in which every petal tells a story. The air is infused with sweet scents and promises of a fresh start. SWEET LIKE // SPRING celebrates the vibrant hues that paint the March landscape.

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Discover the third spring theme of 2024: Viva // Vivacity step by step! This lookbook is a celebration of the joys of life with flowers, plants and accessories coming together in a symphony of colours and textures.

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Trends & news

Wedding season bouquet - Agora Group

Wedding season: creating dream weddings

Together we turn every wedding into a real dream wedding! To celebrate such a beautiful moment of eternal love, flowers and accessories are indispensable. At Agora, you will find all the products you need to create wedding centerpieces and decorations for your clients or events in the chosen style.

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Mother's Day at Agora flowers

Mother’s Day: how moms nurture dreams

On May 12, Belgium celebrates Mother’s Day! All moms and mother figures deserve to be specially honored with flowers on this special day. A mom is someone who is always there for her children and shows endless, unconditional love. They help their kids realize their dreams and support them in initiatives they undertake.

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Easter products to make you daydream

Dream away at our Easter products! Get inspired by cheerful yellows and lavender purples. At Agora you will find the flowers, plants and accessories you need to create the best bouquets and decorations for your customers, or to transform your window display.

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Lily of the valley by Agora

This delicate little flower is making its comeback! The lily of the valley, also known as May bells, is a popular small plant that blooms beautifully in spring with white, fragrant bells. Order yours before 12 April at Agora.

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