Planting Dreams with Dad: Celebrate Father’s Day with the products of Agora!

Fathers play a crucial role in our lives and are often the silent force behind our success. Therefore, Father’s Day is also the perfect time for your customers to show their dads how much they appreciate them. With “Planting dreams with dad” we want to highlight the importance of greenery and spending quality time of fathers and their children.

A plant is a wonderful gift that just keeps growing, just like a father’s love! At Agora, we are happy to help you choose the right products for Father’s Day and deliver them to your store or garden center.

A houseplant such as the sansevieria or “Snake plant” is always a popular choice because it uses little water and is easy to maintain. It also looks especially nice in your business with the warmer summer months ahead. The monstera also remains a popular option to give as a gift. Looking for the variegata variety to offer a bit more diversity? You can find those at Agora as well!

Alocasia ‘Polly,’ also known as elephant ear, is a tropical plant with beautifully drawn leaves. Other varieties are also a great addition to your store, such as the Alocasia Zebrina. The pattern on each zebra stem is unique, just like each father!

The Phlebodium Blue Star or Blue Fern is also an excellent choice and quite easy to care for in terms of light requirements.

Dads often receive a plant or a bottle as a gift, but research conducted by Motivaction, commissioned by Bloemenbureau Holland, shows that 41% of men also sometimes like to receive flowers as a gift from a woman. It gives them a feeling of happiness and appreciation when they receive a bouquet themselves. So don’t be afraid to also put flowers in the spotlight for Father’s Day.

The versatile gerbera is already a suitable candidate. Discover all the colors on the Agora webshop to create beautiful bouquets!

Yellow Gerbera plant - Agora Group wholesaler - Father's Day

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