Agora, your wholesaler of flowers

Since 1981, we served professional florists, garden centers and floral professionals and dedicated our products and services to them as the flower wholesaler for professionals. 

Agora established on both  national and international level with clients from all around the world. 

Thanks to our own purchasing department, we always guarantee quality and freshness: all products undergo a thorough inspection before they enter the wholesale trade.

Cut flowers

More than 2,500 varieties of cut flowers for all occasions. Available in all colors, fragrances and sizes.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers for the most beautiful floral arrangements and long lasting creations


Our products are always delivered fresh and transported and stored to ensure the high quality of our products


All our products are sourced from experienced growers who value quality and care


With more than 250 suppliers all over the world, we always provide the most beautiful flowers as part of our wide range of assortments

Are you a florist, floral professional or garden center?

Agora for individuals

As we only cater to professionals, we do not serve and sell directly to non-business personnels

Specialist in dried flowers