Open days Agora

3/9/23 & 4/9/23

Pin down Sunday 3 and Monday 4 September 2023 in your agenda, because then it’s our Open Days at Agora Kontich! What can you expect during these days?

  • Nice actions and initiatives in the theme of the Power of Agora
  • Food and drinks to enjoy
  • Endless inspiration & trends for the season
  • Showcases & demos

We would like to invite you to come and enjoy The Power of Agora in all its beauties.

See you then!

Big Enough
to Grow,
Small Enough
to Nurture

Rely on our natural strength to make your business a success: we welcome you to ‘The Power of Agora’!

Explore our extensive range of flowers, plants and accessories and reinforce the strengths of your business.

You find Agora’s power in everything we do: in our Cash & Carry’s, in the service with which our employees assist you, in our extensive variety in products and, of course, in you: our beloved customer.

We commit ourselves every day with great passion and motivation to transform the beauty of nature into vibrant power, in words and in deeds. You can count on the power of Agora all year long, in every season and at every moment.

Together we are stronger: let us to be your core power, because you are undoubtedly ours!

The Power of Agora

Agora helps your business flourish

Through our extensive and careful selection process, Agora is happy to assist in making your business flourish. You count on us, our service and our products to run your store efficiently. Your customers are always delighted to hand out your creations as gifts to their loved ones, or to buy something for themselves.

We are extremely proud that our company and our products are able to stir so many emotions. That’s why we consider ourselves to be true connectors: Agora ensures that people can say something with flowers and plants at those special moments when words don’t come easy. We assure you that we will always stay true to passing on the best of ourselves to you.

The Power of the Cash and Carry’s

Our Cash & Carry’s are so much more than just locations to shop

They are a place where our customers can learn about a wide range of products and people with similar interests come together to create beauty from the best that nature has to offer.

In ancient Greece, an agora was a central square where people gathered to relax, meet and exchange stories. Our Cash & Carry’s strive to have a similar social function. We create a pleasant atmosphere that invites people to interact with our products, our employees and with each other.

Our goal is to inspire our customers and introduce them to the latest trends in flowers, plants and accessories. We remain true to our mission to keep innovating with passion. Feel free to pay us a visit: you can always count on our strength for the success of your business!

The Power of the Season

Agora welcomes you in every season

The beauty of nature is encapsulated in every season. This reflects in our products, our promotions and our working methods. By responding to the seasons and always presenting our customers with the best every season has to offer, we are a true benchmark in our industry.

Every season has its own strength. We love to help you to amaze and impress your customers, to create small moments of great happiness and to display your business in a stylish and elegant fashion.

Weekday or weekend, holiday or vacation: we are there for you all year round. Our strength is reflected through our excellent service, our high-quality products and decades of expertise within the world of flowers, plants and decoration. Agora welcomes you in our Cash & Carry stores and on our online shopping portal.

The Power of the Future

Agora’s power on the future

Agora’s success is due to the values we stand for: our ambition to offer quality products at all times, our team of dedicated employees who give their best every day, but surely also to our ability to think ahead within our sector.

We are known for innovating and embracing the future. We follow up on the latest trends and are incredibly proud every time our clients discover them first at Agora. Through innovative campaigns, we stay true to our mission to be – and remain – pioneers within our industry. We are happy to make that solemn promise to you.

Agora is ready for the future and eagerly looks forward to experiencing it together with you. Stop by in one of our Cash & Carry’s near you. Your visit always puts a smile on our faces!

The Power of You

As a customer, you are the beating heart of our company

We have tremendous appreciation for you and want to thank you for being a part of Agora.

Your choice of Agora allows us both to continue to grow and develop. Every time you make a purchase with us, a dynamic interaction is created where quality, service and personal contact are key. Our goal remains to embrace the future and further explore the wonderful world of flowers, plants and decoration together with you.

You can always count on us. Our power is yours, and you are ours.

Come see it for yourself at Agora
and let your creativity blossom.