All your plants for Father’s Day

Father's day banner

Father’s Day is around the corner and we have some exciting gifts. Agora has the best assortment of plants for Father’s Day to celebrate the Art of Dad.

Order your products now at Agora and help your customers to surprise the important men in their life, their superheroes!

These plants are true mood boosters and bring serenity and prosperity into your home or garden. Every plant is unique, just like your dad.

Help your customers choose the perfect plant of the best quality – a gift that dad can cherish for years to come.

Want to find products for the true plant dads? Walk through our Agora Cash & Carry locations and come see the enormous variety of plants to choose from.

Our Agora team will happily give you advice on the best products for an amazing Father’s Day.

All plants and other products are carefully transported to the destinations to make sure we preserve the excellent quality.

Following the latest trends and making optimal purchases through a worldwide network of suppliers, our teams select and check the best products for you.

Everything started once with our growers, who are passionate and we know we can rely on to get top plants and accessories for Father’s Day!

Let’s share the art of plants with all dads!

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