Floral wedding design with Agora

The wedding bells announce another beautiful season coming up: wedding season!

Every wedding has its own unique creative process: choosing a style, adjusting everything to the theme and designing special floral works of art. Flowers and accessories give a personal touch to this wonderful moment: for the bridal bouquet, the corsage, ceremony and reception ornaments, table decoration and styling.

Agora offers a large assortment of quality products for styling wedding events and all the beautiful moments around it.

We’re a fan of all flowers, but some are particularly perfect for weddings.

Hot and trending are bouquets with texture and layers: a feeling of flowers cascading down, and even adding in some elegant dried elements.

Add ruffled textures to bouquets by using flowers such as roses, muscari, ranunculus and anemones.

Wedding Bouquet Agora

When it comes to colors, bright and light colors are still in trend. Popular colors to add some brightness are orange, pink, blue, yellow and red brown.

White and pastel colors are ideal for weddings, but in 2022 we’ll see some mixing with more neutral soft colors.

Think subtle rustic beiges or earthy tones to add more depth.

This season, dried bouquets are very much in trend. Choose dried flowers and other elements to mix up your elegant creations! Want to keep it natural? Opt for more neutral colors here. These also perfectly fit the popular boho-style for weddings with a soft and romantic feel to it.

Play around with variations in amount and placement for a modern effect.

All of our products are made with passion by professionals that have years of experience.

The whole Agora team is here to support you in finding the best products for your wedding events and stylings.

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