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Amaryllis is a classic statement flower: large, distinctive and stately. You simply can’t overlook it - the smooth, thick, hollow stems are too unusual for that, and the flowers are too eye-catching. Amaryllis’ petals are very special: they look like they’re made of luxurious velvet and come in white, red, yellow, pink, salmon, purple, orange and bi-coloured. The leafless stem usually bears four ...Read more

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Wholesaler for daily fresh flowers, domestic and exotic flowers and plants, arranged by colour and size.


Our Cash & Carries have a very wide and up-to-date selection of beautiful green and flowering plants, for both terraces and gardens.


We supply the latest trends in glassware, baskets, ceramics and decorative products as well as the basic materials you require.

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In order to better meet growing market expectations, Agora Group has decided to close a smaller site, namely Agora Herk-de-Stad, on 31 December 2018 and to concentrate the Cash & Carry offer and services at our larger sites in Belgium. Since the market is also changing online, but at the same time a large number of customers wish to continue to have a wide range of products available from a ...
Selection matches the spirit of times will again be placing a cut flower or a group of cut flowers in the spotlight every month next year, supported with inspiring and informative content. The 2019 Flower Agenda tempts consumers to bring flowers into their home, and provides the media with inspiration and support in publicising everything that is beautiful and ...
Houseplants of the Month fit within the style trends for 2019 will again be putting a selected houseplant, or group of houseplants, in the spotlight every month in 2019. The specially produced photography will also take into account of the style trends for 2019. The images and the texts that we create for the consumer will also link up with the new growth platform: ‘Interior ...
A new version of our mobile app Agora Group is now available for both Apple and Android devices. Online shopping on your smarthpone or tablet Our weekly promotions and other exclusive deals Stay informed of our events Discover the latest trends Click on the scan icon (barcode) and find out if the item is available ...