Galactic // garden

Welcome to the interstellar world of flowers and plants. 

The foundation of this theme is based on the concept of the future and sustainability, hence, we utilized many of our Eco and Recycled products. 

Mix of blue hydrangeas, Heliconia rostrata and Bromelia are sure to give your garden an unconventional look to your autumn decor.  

Part of the future is one that is realistic such as travels to Mars, and the other, derives from inspirations from science-fiction, where we let our creative minds soar. 

Think of celestial and intergalactic life and of all the cosmos. Here we explore the garden design of outer-space, a strange alternate universe but familiar to the basics of Earth to represent sustainable living. 

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Part I of GALACTIC // GARDEN design is PLANTS: Untamed, adolescent garden.

Part I of GALACTIC // GARDEN design is PLANTS: Untamed, adolescent garden. 

To emphasize plants as the foundation and main stage décor,  recreate a greenhouse setting by bringing attention to glass vases of all shapes and sizes. This should dominate the stage of your decor. To represent the red clay tones of Mars, we opted for our Eco fabric wrap in bright, orange-red. 

This theme is definitely an out-of-the-box concept for autumn and the black sheep in this season’s collection. 

Moving forward and thinking of sustainability of the future, we feature softer shapes and lines with a combo of our Eco products and fabrics.


Be sure to add a bouquet with long structured flowers that add a sharp look to your setting.

To represent futuristic atmosphere and technology, use shiny metallic grey accessories. Look for ones with harsh, strong lines – avoid softness here. 

For pop of color, opt for bright red & lilac pink and others in monochromatic tones in GALACTIC // GARDEN.

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