Love is in the air! Let’s celebrate the new year with a fresh start, a year filled with romance and passion. Look with eyes full of wonder as we guide you on a journey through this landscape of red, white and pink creations.

Life is filled with amazingly beautiful things, but that special person makes it even more worthwhile. To start 2022 strong, we want to let you fall in love with the best products for Valentine’s Day and prepare for this amazing moment.

Flourish in Love with LA FÊTE // ROUGE!

Royal blue and cold tones give creations a cooling effect and bring them to life.

Jaw-dropping, magnificent, gracious. Cater to the wishes of everyone wanting to show their love and adoration for the people they admire most. We gathered the most important floral elements of Valentine but with a modern twist.

In LA FÊTE // ROUGE, everything is picture perfect: sophisticated, balanced and matched to the smallest details.

Silver accessories perfectly complement pastel compositions for the softest transition.

When using flowers in shades of red and darker colors, stay loyal to golden accents and accessories to accompany them.

A cascade of picturesque Anthuriums in the colors of a vibrant sunset ignites the spark. 

Create flowing and soft shapes in your work by using elegant and subtle items. Match your accessories with the floral designs for a truly wowing effect.

Reflect the winter and early spring by throwing beautiful fresh flowers, colourful flowers and plants in the mix. And nothing says eternal love like dried items that last forever!

Spread the love! Use tropical floral creations to add a modern twist to this festive theme. All with a nod to the theme of Valentine.

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