We are delighted to introduce Winter // Waltz, our second winter theme infused with the magic of the holiday season. In this dance of winter beauty, your customers will be captivated by enchanting flowers, plants, and decorative pieces from our extensive collection. Let your customers unwrap the winter with the festive products that Agora has to offer this season!

An enchanting dance of winter beauty: Winter // Waltz.

Winter // Waltz, our showcase for the month of December and the holidays, exudes the classic Christmas atmosphere with shades of red, deep red, and dark green. These colors form the elegant guide of this theme, embracing not only the season but also highlighting the feelings of joy and celebration. We also sprinkle in some powder pink and gold to add a festive touch.

Add modern and elegant colors such as ochre yellow and beige. This brings a contemporary twist and a touch of sophistication to the winter festivities.

There is beauty in simple elegance. It’s up to you to harness it and use it to your advantage. For example, opt for a round base of green from which colorful roses emerge, entwined with golden berries, or use a nest of pine cones from which pine branches and mistletoe ascend.

Traditions are meant to be cherished. Decorate your creations in the classic Christmas colors – red, deep red, and dark green. This sets a timeless tone that perfectly complements the festive ambiance.

Bring nature and the holidays together with Winter // Waltz.

Belle D’Avalane’s freeze-dried product line includes some beautiful centerpieces this winter. They serve perfect as eye-catchers at year-end parties, or as unique gifts. How about a luxurious Christmas wreath with ruby red roses and accents of mistletoe, or a single rose under a glass dome that seems to be frozen in time?

Let powder pink and gold add romance to your creations. These shades bring a warm and festive atmosphere that touches the hearts of your creations’ spectators.

Let Agora’s winter flowers shine with pure elegance. Amaryllis, poinsettia, skimmia, eucalyptus, mistletoe, ilex – they are all stars on this winter dance floor.

Playfully use accessories and decorations to create your own enchanting Christmas village. This winter wonderland promises to be an absolute hit in reflecting the coziness of the year-end indoors.

Gold is the perfect shade to give your compositions a luxurious look. Lay accents in your creations themselves, or add a hint of gold to your accessories for that festive effect you’re looking for during the holidays.

Experiment with winter products that reflect the Christmas spirit, such as candles, Christmas ornaments, ribbons, and other festive decorations. Make New Year’s shine in your arrangements, and don’t forget the Christmas cards for a personal touch.

Choose accessories that radiate the essence of winter and holidays, similar to giving beautiful gifts. Go for craftsmanship and chic, ton-sur-ton is the trend. Add light-colored glass decorations for a magical effect.

Let Winter // Waltz inspire you with a harmony of colors, scents, and magic that pays tribute to winter. Agora leads you in this dance of winter beauty, where each element tells a story and every flower sings a symphony. Amaze your customers with extra brilliance during the holiday season.

Winter // Waltz, a marvelous year-end splendor.

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