All Saints at agora

During All Saints on November 1, we take a moment to remember all the wonderful memories we have of our loved ones we once lost. It’s a moment of coming together with friends and family.

For this occasion, flower arrangements are a nice touch when words fall short. Make beautiful and harmonious creations for All Saint’s Day for your customers to commemorate their loved ones. Get your inspiration from Agora’s wide variety of products.

Traditionally, white is an often recurring color in wreaths and funeral arrangements, but warm colors are increasingly on trend this time of the year.

To decorate it further, you can add candles or choose materials like wood and stone to present your creation.

Agora is there for you so you can be there for your customers.

You can find all products in our webshop, or come and select your flowers, plants and accessories yourself in your Agora Cash & Carry.

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