The Power of Christmas at Agora

The holiday season is just around the corner!
At Agora, we are fully prepared to assist you in decorating your storefront under a beautiful layer of end-of-year magic. The Power of Christmas lies in the cozy togetherness and sharing the joy of the holidays.
Feast tables are set, gifts are diligently wrapped, and decorations are brought out. Your artistic talent as a florist or flower and plant shop helps your customers in getting ready for all their festive gatherings.

We offer unique top-quality products this winter, including our range of various Amaryllis types. Not your everyday plants, but a festive selection specially chosen for the holidays. Moreover, we have a special discount promotion during the months of December and January!

The poinsettia is also the star of the show this season! With its velvety red leaves among the green foliage, this plant is a true centerpiece.

Of course, you also want to select the best accessories to enchant your customers! Stunning gold and white elements will surely make a captivating impression on your friends and family at the Christmas table. In our extensive range of candles, Christmas baubles, and festive lighting, you’ll find something to give your store or creations that beautiful finishing touch you’re looking for.

Flowers and plants in Christmas green should definitely play a part. Think of holly, mistletoe, and Christmas trees in large and small sizes.

During the holidays, your customers eagerly buy their gifts. And, truth be told, what’s a better gift than everlasting blooming love? With the freeze-dried products from Belle d’Avalane, we offer a luxurious and unique range of special Christmas gifts.

You might be working overtime during the holidays, just like Santa Claus and his faithful helpers. At Agora, we’re there to help you counter your work fatigue by offering you the excellent service you’re used to from us during this busy period.

Need more inspiration? Visit our lookbooks to follow the trends of this winter!

Feel free to come by to choose your products in our Cash & Carry and soak in the holiday atmosphere! Our team is ready to advise you during your shopping session and explore the offerings with you.

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